Lyndon Pike

aka Universal Collage


Australian graphic designer, husband, father of two and severely lapsed guitarist, Lyndon Pike lives in the Sydney suburb of Five Dock, in New South Wales.

He is a radio show host on 2ser fm, a collector of vinyl and old books and a fan of stand up comedy.

Interests include saucy foods, falling asleep listening to podcasts, binge watching tv series, staying up too late, ice cream, seeing the world through his kids' eyes and trying not to annoy his wife.



Born in the heady Australian 70's and surrounded by day-glo Disney pop culture, cheap cereal toy gimmicks, long haired pop blaring from beachside panel vans, topless girls and orchy bongs, endless summers spent outdoors free from the internet and social media, Lyndon formed his love of image, colour and design.

Attending the prestigious New South Wales Collage of Fine Arts, Lyndon found a love for skipping class, talking through lectures and generally avoiding the sometimes rigid art community tropes that were at odds with the freedom of expression they hypocritically promoted. Still, he emerged out the other side with a BFA degree in hand that remains framed, hidden under the stairs somewhere at home.

Forward to 2019 and the experiences, influences and expressions that formed his existence have come full circle in a series of over 1,000 unique, paper/scissors/glue creations that each hold a semblance of all that he has lived and loved. Almost always completed in a single sitting, these strictly hand constructed works are created with an approach centered around mood rather than a considered concept.

Step into a world of the surreal, psychedelic and scintillating -  all held in these collaged works of worlds that only exist thanks to all that came before them.